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Tiger Army Brings OctoberFlame V Torch to the Bay

October 16, 2012

Psychobilly punkers Tiger Army have a lot of soul. In fact, I hear they get it wholesale from shady after-hours cemetery groundskeepers and black market morticians. Maybe that explains why they haven’t stopped touring since they released their debut full-length in 99′–are they shoring up reserves of soul to get them through the apocalypse? Quite possibly…

Tiger Army front man Nick 13 grew up in the Bay and got his start playing shows at 924 Gilman St., so this weekend’s kickoff to the annual OctoberFlame Festival at Slim’s is a home-coming of sorts. It’s the first time the group will play in our coveted pocket of California in four years, and the event’s quinquennium!

Each night of OctoberFlame features a different set of hand-picked supporting acts, and I can’t think of a better way to get pumped for Halloween. So dust of your old Give ‘Em The Boot compilations, slick back your hair, and wreck your way to Slim’s this Friday and Saturday night. There’s no need to sell your soul to rock and roll for tickets, Tiger Army come well supplied.


(very late) photos of grannyfest

September 23, 2012

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C.A.M.P. in review

July 25, 2012

C.A.M.P. is many things. An excuse to skip town for sparkling river shores, 20+ bands in a charming meadow, putt-putt golf set to string-metal strums and at least one visit to the Guerneville taco truck.

Now that the camps are packed out, sunburns have started to peel and most of us have returned to the daily grind, we’d like to share our favorite snaps from the weekend. Sure it’s hump day, but let’s all bask in the camp art music party afterglow just a little bit longer.

Ayla Nereo

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This Weekend: Camp Art Music Party

July 18, 2012

This coming weekend, only 90 minutes away in quiet little Guerneville, Oakland artists will be putting on the epic event that is C.A.M.P. (Camp Art Music Party). Walking distance from the Russian River and a quaint downtown, C.A.M.P. is both a festival and a mini summer camp experience held on the former site of J’s Amusement Park. Amidst the old school games, river swimming, forest frolicking, dance parties, campfire sing alongs, miniature golf, video installations and face painting, I know what I’ll be doing: drinking beer, roasting s’mores, enjoying some wine country warmth, and hanging out with some awesome people.

Musical highlights this year include former Sonoma County rockers The Rum Diary (reuniting for the first time since 2007) and visiting acts like Abel Cain (France), Bobby Jealousy (Austin, Texas), The Burning of Rome (San Diego) and Whqles (LA). A preview mix of the weekend’s diverse lineup is available for streaming here. Friday evening includes a comedy show featuring local comics Alex White, Alison Stevenson, Cameron Vannini and Miles K. As if that wasn’t enough, some intriguing and mysterious organization called the Cryptoecology Archive & Museum of the Preternatural will be bringing their traveling exhibit to C.A.M.P.

In its second year, C.A.M.P.’s mission is ” to honor the space and the community that is hosting us by fostering a magical weird environment where people can energize, connect and feel liberated.” Conceived by a small group of Bay Area artists, C.A.M.P. is a DIY, volunteer driven, collaborative art experience run and priced for sustainability, not profit. It has been described a a “weird-ass type of hippie-indie-spiritual-DIY-new-age-yoga-craft-rock campout amid the redwoods” by Parks and Records.

Tickets are $50 for one night of camping, or $100 for all 3 nights. Kids are welcome and only cost $15. Tickets include all activities, and campsites all have cool firepits. If you haven’t gotten yourself outdoors yet this summer, get on it!

Show information and all other relevant information can be found here:

For more information on how to get involved at C.A.M.P. please contact Luke Judd at 510.302.9093 or email him at

Tupac’s Birthday Show with Japanther, Tomorrow 6.16

June 15, 2012
So, Japanther loves Tupac. Oakland party brats love Tupac. Maybe you love Tupac. Let’s get together and call the whole thing  Tupac’s Birthday Show with Japanther this Saturday. Thanks to the people who brought you Hoodstock & The City is Ours for the heads up- the event is sure to be a good time, to say the least.  $7 cover, and I’m guessing the location will be announced via twitter and facebook?   No word on holograms, but the in-the-flesh line up is below:

Latest Project: Seasonal Foods Calendar

May 31, 2012

5.5 x 8.5 Planner

I’m pretty terrible at remembering what fruits and vegetables are in season, and I have looked time and again for some sort of visual guide without finding anything I really liked. So, a few weeks ago I started researching and putting together a wall calendar on my own that lists what’s in peak season each month.

I was pretty happy with the results, until I went to the farmer’s market and realized how handy it would be to have a smaller version in my bag! So, I now have an 11×17 calendar as well as a bound 5.5×8.5 planner. I listed the days from Monday to Sunday, because I never agreed with the traditional week starting on Sunday. And I like to plan my weekend as a block, don’t you? I also left out numbering so that they can be used for the rest of this year as well as next year- because things that do double duty rock.

A limited run just went up for sale on Etsy too, since they seem to be useful enough to share with others. They’re really high quality, full color print on thick ivory cardstock:

11×17 Calendar, $34

5.5×8.5 Planner, $27

Weekend To Do List

May 4, 2012

Hit the Oakland Museum of California for their collection of works by local cartoon artist Dan Clowes. Creator of several stunning graphic novels — some adapted to film — Clowes arguably “launched” comics into “legitimacy”… whatever that means. All we know is we love Wilson for his misanthropy and the local setting.

Visit our favorite local antojeria (not an easy contest) for this weekend’s celebration of the Battle of Puebla a.k.a. Cinco de Drinko. Read up before you drink up the $5 margs on the outdoor patio, friends.

Catch a showing of Hitchcockian romantic thriller, Charade, at the deco-gorgeous Paramount theater. Suspense! Intrigue! Cary Grant! Everyone wins. Movie starts at 8, $5.

Drop by your local comic book store to grab some Free Comic Book Day swag on Saturday. Two of our favorite shops here and here.