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Don’t let the name mislead you. The San Francisco Bay Area has something for everyone- and we here at BAB are simply the type who may not have a lot in our pockets but enjoy the finer things in life anyway. The essence of these finer things seems to revolve around good music, good food, and good laughs- all of which are found in abundance in this beautiful place! Musings also cover things to do, places to see, inspiration from elsewhere, and the always appreciated good deal or two.

So take a look around. We hope you stay awhile…

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Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Thoughts, tips, questions, corrections: bayareabourgeois[at]gmail[dot]com


Maris founded the blog at the beginning of 2008 as a distraction from the 9 to 5. She attained BAs in both communications and global studies from UC Santa Barbara and is a veritable jack of all trades. She has experience working in various fields doing marketing, promotions, administration, event production, copywriting, photography, graphic design, sales, and your dad. She has worked in radio, food, retail, architecture, art and entertainment industries. She is a Cancer.

Meghan joined the blog in 2009 to actually make it legit. She attained her BA in Business from SF State and is an online media wiz. She has experience working in internet radio, audio recording, social networking and film production. She has worked in music, radio, food, and film industries. She is an Aries.

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