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Tiger Army Brings OctoberFlame V Torch to the Bay

October 16, 2012

Psychobilly punkers Tiger Army have a lot of soul. In fact, I hear they get it wholesale from shady after-hours cemetery groundskeepers and black market morticians. Maybe that explains why they haven’t stopped touring since they released their debut full-length in 99′–are they shoring up reserves of soul to get them through the apocalypse? Quite possibly…

Tiger Army front man Nick 13 grew up in the Bay and got his start playing shows at 924 Gilman St., so this weekend’s kickoff to the annual OctoberFlame Festival at Slim’s is a home-coming of sorts. It’s the first time the group will play in our coveted pocket of California in four years, and the event’s quinquennium!

Each night of OctoberFlame features a different set of hand-picked supporting acts, and I can’t think of a better way to get pumped for Halloween. So dust of your old Give ‘Em The Boot compilations, slick back your hair, and wreck your way to Slim’s this Friday and Saturday night. There’s no need to sell your soul to rock and roll for tickets, Tiger Army come well supplied.

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