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Hump Day Inspiration: LA, the ’90s, and Strippers

March 7, 2012

This past weekend a few of us ladies took a little coastal roadtrip down to LA as a mini-vacation from the Bay Area. Our friend in Silverlake had told us all kinds of good things about the East Side. It was awesome to see a part of LA that is way more down to earth and laid back than the Hollywood/Sunset/Melrose areas I had come to dislike 5 years ago. I learned that rent is cheap, but everything else is expensive. People still have to drive everywhere but there is a visible bike culture growing there. It also became apparent that Echo Park is, somewhat sadly, nothing like it used to be in the days of Mi Vida Loca. The lake is no more, so it goes. Below is our 3 day itinerary, after the jump:

Koffee Pot, Oakland

FrutiLand, Pismo Beach


Wake up hungover. Get greasy breakfast at the Koffee Pot. Get on the road by 10:30, decide to take the 101 all the way down because it’s more scenic. Listen to the Cranberries. Stop for lunch in Pismo Beach for fish tacos and cucumber slushies at some roadside hut called FrutiLand. Get in to LA around 6:30. Crack open celebratory box of Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA. Discuss dinner. Decide on Masa in Echo Park. Order epic deep dish pizza while you wait. Admire the colorful oilcloth on the tables and the jewel toned lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Snag a booth in the corner and share a carafe of wine. Try not to succumb to food coma, because it’s after 10pm and it’s bar time. Check out the Edendale in Los Feliz, which can still be recognized as an old fire station if you look closely. Discuss your friends’ film projects and practice “smizing.” Order hot toddies because your voice is gone and stare constantly at everyone in case they might be “someone.” Take goofy photo booth pictures in the courtyard. Call it a successful night. Fall asleep on the couch to Upright Citizens’ Brigade’s AssssCat.

El Chavo


Sleep until noon. Take your time getting ready. Decide where to go for brunch. Decide on Local in Silverlake. Drive, don’t walk, because it is hot out and you are all lazy and dehydrated. Order coffee and split the humongous chilaquiles, bug the waiter to find you a table in the shady covered area. Wait for friends to find you. Split amazing spicy fries with them when they arrive. Get free refills of the coffee. Hang out at Local until 3pm, and discuss the nature of the lurking Japanese photographer’s business. Decide to go find the Church of Scientology. Get lost trying to find it, but drive past the COS Celebrity Center instead. Find the huge purple factory that is the Church, and hang out in the lobby. Get asked to be in a photo shoot. Evade the question by searching for the restroom. The way to the bathroom reminds you of a scene from inside the Emerald Palace. Wait for your friend to get evaluated. Then leave to go check out Union Station. Admire the Art Deco decor, and watch models in vintage attire being photographed in dramatic shafts of sunlight. Go home to take a breather and change for the evening. Decide you need to hit up a drug store and go shopping. Find second hand sandals, dresses, a little red purse. Get Thai food for dinner at Pattaya in Los Feliz. Go home to drink cocktails and wait for friends. Make a note that pomegranate lime juice is an amazing mixer. Friends come and you smoke on the porch while discussing exploding kittens, some show called Manswers, and “coke bloat.” It’s 11pm, so it’s time to go. You decide to try Jumbo’s Clown Room, a circus themed bikini bar much discussed the past couple of days. You look for parking, can’t find any. There is a line of hip young hotties out front. Lines?! WTF? You all discuss whether to wait or not. You decide the line is too slow, so you go to El Chavo instead. Admire the glowing sombreros on the ceiling and the plethora of 70’s style colored Christmas lights everywhere. Drink til late, then go get late night doughnuts. Take pictures with Elliott Smith’s Figure 8 wall across the street. Go home, eat leftover pad thai, and finish AssssCat.

Exterior of Brite Spot

Copper Cafe, at the Madonna Inn


Set an alarm this time. Get packed and out to brunch before noon. Go to Brite Spot in Echo Park. Admire the dark wood paneling and kitsch clown portraits. Order coffee and a breakfast hash with brussel sprouts in it. Get really excited about brussel sprouts for breakfast. Get on the road by 1:30, decide to take 101 all the way up because it’s more scenic. Decide to stop in Santa Barbara to stock up on used CDs. Score Third Eye Blind and No Doubt’s Singles. Buy shoes and sunglasses. Wander around State Street and feel nostalgic. Get back on the road, sing along to No Doubt, and watch the sun set over Avila Beach. Stop at the famous Madonna Inn for a quick tour and a burger in the Copper Cafe. Sit at the counter and talk about sex in front of the servers. Take 101 back into San Francisco, hug your friend goodbye, cross the bridge and get into Oakland around midnight. Promise yourself that next time, next time, you will see some clown titties.


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  1. March 13, 2012 12:55 pm

    i miss driving down 101 for a weekend! this was a fun read. i would totally blast no doubt and sing their entire albums start to finish. by the time i reach LA, my voice would be hoarse.

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