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Recap: Mission Creek Oakland’s Grand Finale

October 3, 2011



Religious Girls


Since seeing them back in May of 2010, Battlehooch has seemed to tone things down a bit. At that time, they were decked out and practically bursting off of the tiny stage. The large stage of the Uptown certainly gave Patrick and others room to jam, though. There was a hint of the former Battlehooch rumpus, and one member was wearing a non-clothing item as a piece of their ensemble. It was Grant, and he was wearing a pillow case with holes cut out for his arms and head. Their feel-good vibes were infectiously effective at getting the crowd pumped.


You can feel the fabulous on Amoray. It radiates from him. You can see it from the back of a dark, smokey club. During a post-set “hello, great set” hug, some of it actually sloughed off onto us. It felt like hot polyester and sequins. The fabulous of Amoray is fun to watch, too. The two song set could be described as sassy and brassy and was definitely a crowd favorite for the evening.

Religious Girls

Religious Girls showcase a brand of hyperkinetic, obsessively rhythmic noise-rock with a force that has catapulted them to Bay Area buzz band status, as shown by the crowd of young males encircling them with ardor. People on stage during Religious Girls is very unlike people on stage during Amoray. While people on Amoray’s stage are all busting various moves to a cut that I am pretty sure was about the public advocacy of mutual masturbation, dudes on stage during Religious Girls seem to be enjoying their own private musical masturbation.

One aspect of the show that I truly enjoyed was a special audience member. The old dude. I’ve seen this particular old dude at Uptown a number of times but most old dudes at the show ensconces me in a sense of wonder and delight. I’m not sure what it is about the old dude that makes me feel so ok. The sense of self-assuredness required to spend a late night sharing a dark, smoky venue with a seething crowd of wasted twenty-somethings and endure all the ridiculousness and irritation that that must entail for the sheer joy of watching a band.

The night was a rousing success proving that Mission Creek Oakland is necessary and deserved. A big congratulations and thank you to the small MCO team for a month of great shows; the fruits of their labor were appreciated by all. Photos by Maris Kaplan- see the whole set on flickr.

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