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Hump Day Inspiration: American Gladiators, and then some

June 1, 2011

Now that we’ve watched all the Bored to Death that we can, it was utterly awesome to discover that the Original American Gladiators is available to watch on Hulu- totally similar, right? The outfits, the hosts’ awkward snafus, the deer-in-headlights look of puny bookish types who aren’t sure exactly how they got to be pummeled with a pugil stick by a behemoth named Malibu….

just. so. good.

Other inspiring things as of late:

TOMS makes high heels, not sure how I feel about them but they look pretty comfortable.

There’s a “float center” nearby similar to the Iso-Tank in Absolutely Fabulous

What it looks like to scuba dive in a cup of tea.

‘Flying Overseas’ by Theophilus London is THE perfect summer jam, I keep coming back to it. And the video is so frickin’ hip.

Got some new jewelry up finally.

A trampoline park in San Francisco, superb idea.

No kid? No problem. Adults can finally get into the exclusive Fairyland, for one night only.

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