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Interview: Kash / YAK Films

March 16, 2011

Kash / YAK Films & Turf Feinz
[Kash / YAK Films & Turf Feinz]

Apparently we’re not the only ones gone mad for turfin. At Noise Pop’s Culture Club we had the lucky opportunity to catch up with Kash from YAK films.

Kash, the co-founder of Yak Films and main man in the local turfin’ scene, recently relocated to Paris, France for a super-secret collaboration with a major shoe company. He was kind enough to answer a few of our questions before he left. Interview after the jump!

How does the Paris street dance scene compare to the Oakland street dance scene?
Europe in general is alot more comfortable for dancers in alot of ways. The community is very supportive and accepting. In the US, people can be very money motivated, judgmental and superficial; I’ve never felt this at French or German dance events. This accepting community helps you grow as a dancer, having confidence in your style being different but that being ok, which is really important for dance to evolve. One large 10,000 person event called Juste Debout (Just Standing Dance) actually hosts a battle of styles called “experimental” where people can show off really diverse movements to erratic music.

Which spots in Oakland will you miss the most? Favorite places to eat, drink or just hang out?
Jack London Square is an awesome area of Oakland for anyone. Also the Lake Merritt area. And Fruitvale’s community of shops are nice. Of course the youth center I used to work at [Ed. note: We are fairly certain that youth center is Youth Uprising.] And my school in Hayward, CSUEB.

Where are some good spots in the Bay Area to see turfin or catch a Turf Feinz performance?
Youth Uprising Community Center is the main hub for dance battle in the East Bay. The Turf Feinz train there almost every day when they aren’t on tour or travelling. In SF, there’s the Embarcadero Plaza where they dance for money and have battles (organized or impromptu).

What are some local musicians you really like?
E-40 supports Bay Area and hyphy culture alot. His beats always come with a new style that’s interesting to dance to. The style and delivery of Bay Area artists in general is interesting. I like Yung Bari, Mistah FAB, Tha 4 Factors, etc.

Can you tell me about the connection between turfin and busking?
There’s not a huge connection. A few dancers of every style of dance or performing art try to find a way to make a living from it and SF is a big tourist attraction so they work well together but alot of turfers are still in high school and have no need or time to be hustling on the streets for money. I personally think that people should have real jobs that affect the economy in a positive way and if they make money from there hobby then that’s good but what you love shouldn’t be your job. It’s my escape from my job.

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  1. Javon williams/ levi allen permalink
    March 17, 2011 1:04 pm

    hi we are both of the dancers who performed with kash from yak films. and i wanted to know did u have any of the footage of us dancing because we never got to see it, and ifso would u be able to send it 2 me by email or something. and we also wanted to know if you would like us to come back and perform agian because of all the postive respones we got last time if so please let me know thank you

  2. March 17, 2011 1:26 pm

    You guys were awesome! You actually inspired me to film and upload my first phone videos ever- you can see what I got here: I didn’t realize that I should have turned my phone sideways, so I apologize for the amateur production skills in advance. Gotta start somewhere though right?

    Thanks so much for getting in touch- we will certainly keep you posted on performance opportunities, and please keep us informed as well!!!

  3. Kwame permalink
    April 6, 2011 9:59 pm

    I’m inspired by what I saw from the videos from the two dancers, are you all guys available to dance for another event for students. I’m working with a group in Oakland. Hit me back 225-214-7800.

  4. June 15, 2011 2:50 am


    I am following Yak Films on my Blog Dance Clothes Uk. I was wondering if I could refer people to this interview on your blog.?

    Regards Julie

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