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Photo Recap: Treasure Island Fest 2010

October 25, 2010

After a week of arduous googling, reconfiguring, downloading, uploading, and everything in between… pictures from Treasure Island are finally up and I can’t stop looking at them- especially this one, it just totally makes me want to watch Goonies over and over again.

The rain on Sunday really put a damper on taking photos, so most of mine are from the first day. In general, I think I can easily say Die Antwoord was the performance not to miss, and I am seriously considering dressing up like Yolandi for Halloween….

Zach Houston and his poem store, Kelly Malone’s Workshop, and east bay rep Oaklandish were all welcome and familiar sights…

Zach Houston

The annual TI Fest Ferris Wheel Ride has now become tradition, and The Bay Bridged brought back their awesome Confessions series (click here for last year’s confessions)…

the view from the ferris wheel, looking south

Vitamin Water’s snazzy little Silent Disco was definitely a hit, with clubbier stuff being spun by great local talents like DJ Nisus.  It inspired much talk about the future of house parties- “Hey you wanna sit down and talk?” “You look really sexy in headphones…”

Super glad I was able to stick it out til the headliners this year, as Miike Snow and LCD Soundsytem were naturally and expectedly mind-blowing, keeping everyone warm with their dazzling light shows and nonstop dance-worthy numbers. Day 2’s headliners- the National and Belle & Sebastian- both struck a Bono-esque chord with some getting-personal crowd loving. A fantastic, successful weekend once again!

Click here to see the set on flickr…


Miike Snow

the National

the crowd during Belle & Sebastian

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