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Photo Recap: Primal Napa

September 28, 2010

Meat, Heat, and Wine at Primal Napa

This past weekend marked the second annual eye-opening and mouth-watering event that is Primal Napa. Renowned butchers and chefs came together with top wineries and breweries to partake in each other’s talents and collaborate under the leafy olive tree canopy of Chase Family Cellar’s Hayne Vineyards. Dubbed ‘the Burning Man of Meat’ and ‘Iron Chefs  on Vacation’ this epic day-long feast was not for the faint of heart… or stomach.

Being a relative newbie to the sustainable food movement, I was impressed by a universal passion that was only rivaled by the heat of the massive open fires stoked and fueled by said passion. There was no place for casual relaxation among the rows of crucified Heritage Breed pig carcasses and field of skewered ‘dancing’ rabbits… at least not for the cooks, anyhow. It was amazing getting to meet and assist such dynamic and talented people- like locals from 4505 Meats, Magnolia Brewing, and Avedano’s, as well as the ladies of LA’s newly arrived Lindy & Grundy’s and Chicago’s Range, Inc. Truly inspiring, each and every one of them.

There were talks from the Cochon 555 guys, founders of Primal Napa, that there will be multiple locations for the event next year… here’s keeping my fingers crossed for a Primal Oakland!

Check out the photos I took from working the event here.

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