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HCFM: James + Evander

July 16, 2010

Usually, when we think of electronica we don’t necessarily think romanticism. The new-ish shoegaze-electro wave that’s rolling through the Bay (is it mean of me to admit that I’m more than ready for freak-folks replacement?) is making me rethink my assumptions. James and Evander had no small part in that change in thought.

The duo have a decidedly electro pop flair but lean more make-out party than dance party. The guys’ – neither of whom are actually named James or Evander – most recent efforts include a series of remixes of indie pop groups like Fleet Foxes and Buildings Breeding. Added bonus: you can download the tracks on the groups’ Bandcamp for free.

Check out J+E with Summer of Glaciers, P.D. Wilder and Posted at Mama Buzz (and grab one of their tasty fake meat and bagel sandwiches while you’re at it) on Monday at 7. Free show!

Buildings Breeding – Stacking Up Reasons (James & Evander Remix) by James & Evander

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