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Photo Recap and Review: King Baldwin

June 20, 2010

King Baldwin’s set started in a semi-serious fashion with tracks like “My Brain Is…” which showcased the bands more sentimental and serpentine side. Alexander’s keyboard skills were well demonstrated and he repped pretty hard for the theatrical, classical side of the bands repertoire.


The less melodic, more rocking half of the set loosened up the band and convinced the crowd to relinquish their 10-15 foot safety distance. At this point, Theo’s classic 70’s guitar rock background was on display. Their cover of “Golden Years” was, as always, a crowd pleaser and “Crumbling” was a joy to watch, even if just to observe Jon’s fingers fly over the strings of his bass.


The quartet was joined by Bhi Bhiman for the latter portion of their set. Bhi rounded out the incredible vocal harmonies on tracks like “Adolf Hitler” and the groups cover of the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)”. Any set that ends with 50-odd fans howling along to the doo-wop vocal stylings of David Byrne spells a good set to me.

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