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Ticket Giveaway!: King Baldwin @ Bottom of the Hill

June 15, 2010

Quirky, lovable, unpretentious and humorous. If any of these adjectives sound like your style, check out local band (not leper king of Jerusalem), King Baldwin.

You can download their 5-track EP here. “Old Soul” harkens back to the early aughts power-pop by the likes of Ben Lee and Semisonic while tracks like “My Brain Is…” and “When the Morning Comes” lean towards the more sweeping and rococo. Something for everyone!

You can catch King Baldwin at Bottom of the Hill with their buds Dynamite Walls and Birdmonster on Friday. Now, provided you were at or above the age of 21 and had $12, you could buy tickets…. OR you could enter our ticket giveaway!

We’ve got two tickets to see three awesome bands Friday night. To enter, just email us at with the words “King Baldwin” in the subject and your name in the body. Winner will be chosen at random. Entries due Friday at 10 am!

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