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Why Not Plaid Friday?

November 25, 2009

It’s a little known fact that the sombre hue associated with the day after Thanksgiving is unrelated to those dour hordes and militant moods outside many a WalMart or Best Buy. Black Friday actually refers to retail accounting. Generally, the first day of official Christmas shopping is often the first day of the year that retailers are showing a profit or ‘in the black’. Thank you, business degree!

Anyways, Black Friday doesn’t necessarily have to be black. Instead of black, why not plaid? Local businesses have banded together to support Plaid Friday. Shoppers wearing plaid – be it buffalo or pinstripe – will have access to special Plaid Friday deals. For more info on the program and participating vendors, click here friends. One of our favorites is WE Artspace. And not just because they feature work by BAB buddy, Chris Vogel.
Other local vendors with kick-ass holiday sales include Cara Lyndon (40% off everything with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY40) and Cary Lane (40% off new arrivals and accessories).
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