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FCC Free Radio: Talent Call

November 25, 2009

Ever wanted to try your hand at the radio mic, or think you’ve got something to say that people need to hear? Friend and neighbor, Craig Kandel, over at the 360 Space (in SF’s SOMA district) has a new endeavor underway and it sounds pretty rad.

Along with launch parties, photo exhibits, and the Tax Ninja, the 360 Space is also home to– and now there’s a new pirate radio show called “The Hive” which broadcasts online and at 107.3fm in SF. Craig’s looking for artists, critical thinkers, musicians, and humorists to interview on air. If you’re not in San Francisco, no problem- you can still take part via live phone interviews.

As Craig puts it, “We can talk about art, your work, lemmings, electro magnetic radiation, the boxer rebellion, Narwhals, memetics, where we are headed as a society, whatever. It’s a good vehicle for promoting your work, performing for a large audience or just seeing where a conversation takes us.”

The show airs each Sunday from 8 to 10pm, and serves as a pretty flexible platform for an array of creative opportunities. If your interest is at all piqued, contact Craig at

Just to emphasize, this is FCC FREE radio- as in, anything goes! Don’t let the fate that befell on Pirate Cat Radio cause discouragement: support and take advantage of this amazing outlet for community communication, action, and interaction.

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