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November 20, 2009

I like to think it’s no happy coincidence that one of my favorite bands shares its acronym with one of my favorite sandwiches. Of course, the peanut butter and jelly sammies in Peter, Bjorn + John’s hometown are more likely to be smeared with lingonberry than strawberry. All the better. It’s a welldocumented fact that Swedes are incredible music-makers and pretty damn sexy, to boot.

Maris and I got the lucky chance to catch PB+J at Coachella this year and after their set, I had this song (which Lykke Li helped perform!) stuck in my head for days. PB+J make music that is as simply delightful as the non-correlated sandwich which I’ve chosen to associate them with. No guile, just sunny songs about everyday life whether you happen to be a pub-crawler or a Picasso painting.
Catch the second of two Peter, Bjorn and John sets at the Great American tonight with El Perro del Mar. Show at 9 pm. Tickets are $21. All ages.
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