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Broadcast and Atlas Sound / GAMH

November 9, 2009

photos via sixties_girl

At the Broadcast/Atlas Sound show at the Great American on Tuesday night, no one got what they expected. At least, not from the UK contingent.

Broadcast started their set with a 20 minute video/audio “experiment” that at times was just odd and at others evoked that gnarly trip from SLC Punk. Yeah, that trip. While the GAMH staff had cleared their tables and chairs in favor of a clear dance floor, presumably for dancing, the audience was mostly stunned into silent stillness.

In general, Broadcasts set was without frills. Trish and James were generally bent over their guitars, samplers, and various other instruments; Trish leaving her seat occasionally to contribute vocals during the latter half of their set. Their music was other-wordly and at times overpowering; the echo, reverb and distortion washing over the bewildered or just bemused crowd.

Atlas Sound rounded out the evening with some fairly straight forward indie rokk and adorably sheepish stage banter. The first half of the set – the half that my date and I were present for – was mostly devoid of the ethereal and semi-rhythmic whispers omnipresent on ‘Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’ but that is not to say it was unenjoyable. In fact, watching Bradford Cox play his guitar simply and encourage an audience member to play back up tambourine was quite charming.
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