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HCFM: Raveonettes + Still Flyin’

November 6, 2009

Both of these bands have had shout outs on BAB but what can we say? They’re just that good.

The Raveonettes are doing new and interesting things with the idea of noisy fuzz pop on their recent album, In and Out of Control. Everything is helplessly catchy but never overly saccharin. These are the kind of songs that could be stuck in your head for days without ever irritating you. The kind of songs to listen to on roller coasters.
The Raveonettes will be headlining Bimbo’s 365 on 11/9. Tickets are $25; show is 18+.
Still Flyin’, as previously mentioned, is a jam band without the cheesy prog-rock subtext. They’re also a supergroup who manage to avoid the unfortunate Velvet Revolver/Zwan comparisons (sorry, Corgan fans). This band is here to have fun! Hand-claps, harmonies, horns and that one dancing guy help them achieve that goal.
Still Flyin’ will be playing at Cafe du Nord along with Yellow Fever and Nodzzz on Saturday. Show at 10:30. Tickets are $10, 21+.
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