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Photo Recap: Treasure Island Festival

October 21, 2009

Alright, I swear we’ll quit the TI posts soon enough. Just wanted to give a little summary to go with the flickr set I uploaded late last night. Day 1, Saturday, turned out to be really awesome weather. Day 2, however, turned us into big time wimps with a persistent wind chill which slowly made staying til the end increasingly unappealing. While I was bummed to miss Passion Pit and great local acts Sleepy Sun and Thao Nguyen, the festival was quite satisfactory nonetheless. Highlights include getting a big sexy dose of Brazilian Girls all in the grill, peeping some great wares at the Small Stakes and Indie Mart booths, partaking in the Scales Project, enjoying a ride on the ferris wheel while Vetiver played ‘Sister,’ cupcake cars, lounging in the grass for Grizzly Bear, Beirut‘s pirate talk, dancing aliens, and a rarely seen view of the Bay Bridge and awesome San Francisco skyline…. to see more click here!

Dan Deacon 

Brazilian Girls – “We just want to have a good time… All! The! Time!”

The Scales Project 

leaf blowers cum TP launchers at Girl Talk

BAB peeps chillin, literally.

Vetiver from the ferris wheel

beautiful posters from Small Stakes, on the left


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