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Chick Strand & Cinema by the Bay

October 8, 2009
Chick Strand

Thanks to Cori and the San Francisco Film Society for the heads up regarding our first annual Cinema by the Bay Festival, running October 22-25. A modern-day Slacker set in the Mission District, a tale of hamsters and love filmed along the coast to Santa Cruz… I think it would be awesome to see all the places we’ve come to know and love on the big screen and revel in a little hometown pride.

Cinema by the Bay is a four-day festival that will feature new work produced in or about the San Francisco Bay Area and provide a compelling window into Bay Area film culture and practice at its best. CBTB includes features, shorts, narratives, documentaries and live performances from well-known and emerging local talent, and explores the rich experimental traditions of the Bay Area by copresenting the San Francisco Cinematheque’s tribute to one of its key figures: Chick Strand.

$12.50 general, $11 seniors, students and persons with disabilities. To buy tickets or get the full schedule and information: Here’s some good looking highlights for the festival, including :

Friday, October 23 7:30 pm
Cinema by the Bay copresents: After Day Comes Night & After That, Day Comes Again: A Tribute to Chick Strand
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 700 Howard Street

Presented by San Francisco Cinematheque in association with Canyon Cinema. Introduced by Irina Leimbacher, Steve Anker, Dominic Angerame and other guests to be announced.
Chick Strand was a longtime advocate of the art of avant-garde filmmaking and an inspiration to more than two generations of filmmakers. Canyon Cinema—a San Francisco–based filmmakers’ cooperative specializing in the distribution of avant-garde and experimental film—was born in 1961 when Strand and Bruce Baillie began to show films outdoors in Canyon, California. Strand’s spirit lives on today with the continued growth of both Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque. Both organizations have flourished over the past 48 years, a testimony to the passion and dedication of Chick Strand. Tonight’s program will include several of her films, including By the Lake, Artificial Paradise, Coming Up For Air, Loose Ends and Cartoon le Mousse.—Dominic Angerame, Curator.

Saturday, October 24th:

Landmark’s Clay Theatre,2261 Fillmore Street
9:00 pm Sorry, Thanks
Dia Sokol, 2009

Max glides through his days with a phlegmatic irony that would make even the hippest hipster cringe. Not always the most sensitive guy, he decides to cheat on his girlfriend with someone who has just gone through a brutal breakup. Thus begins Max’s shallow odyssey of modest self-discovery. Naturally, this story is set in the Mission and stars Wiley Wiggins, who made a name for himself with a memorable turn as a put-upon teen in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. This directorial debut by Dia Sokol (producer of mumblecore auteur and costar Andrew Bujalski’s Beeswax) features wonderfully deadpan and honest performances and a number of hilarious—if dark and often sad—situations. Aimless men and women take heed: One day you may have to face yourself, and your day of reckoning may be funny—to everyone but you. Written by Dia Sokol, Lauren Veloski. Photographed by Matthias Grunsky. With Wiley Wiggins, Kenya Miles, Andrew Bujalski, Ia Hernandez. 92 min.

Sunday October 25th:

Landmark’s Clay Theatre, 2261 Fillmore Street
6:30 pm Etienne!
Jeff Mizushima, 2009

Richard, a rudderless albeit charming young San Francisco hotel worker, spends his quality time taking care of his beloved dwarf hamster Etienne. He dotes on his animal companion with an earnest love that borders on pathology. During a routine checkup, Richard learns that Etienne has terminal cancer. The veterinarian recommends euthanasia, but Richard decides to take Etienne on a bicycle trip down the California coast for one last adventure. Meanwhile, Elodie, a student at UC Santa Cruz, is dealing with a crushing breakup and is on her way to the City. How their stories intersect slyly reveals the film’s precarious underlying tensions, between camp and melodrama. Written by Jeff Mizushima. Photographed by Tim van der Linden, Eric Kim, Jeff Mizushima. With Richard Vallejos, Megan Harvey, Molly Livingston, Matt Garron, Caveh Zahedi. 88 min

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