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Viva la Musica

September 17, 2009
chuggin’ along- Trainwreck Riders

1. Yay! We’re seeing Chairlift at Bottom of the Hill tonight, and I am excited.

2. And, Festival Season is in full swing! Examples A (this weekend!), B, and C.

3. Also, kinda random, but after visiting their page several times to give their music another listen, I decided that I should give a shout out to awesome local band Trainwreck Riders. Playing alt-folk/rock that would make historic predecessors like Neutral Milk Hotel and Modest Mouse proud, this San Fran band rocked the tiny little Mission joint that is Blue Six last Thursday evening. With tons of rad art on the walls and an ultra intimate crowd-to-performer proximity, I definitely recommend heading to this place for a legit dose of what makes the DIY scene here something to be proud of.

(4. Update)- forgot to mention: Hari from LA based Young Hunting contacted us to let us know about two shows they’re playing. Very melodic, with great vocals- check em out tonight at the Hemlock Tavern with Rademacher, the Gold Medalists for $7, or tomorrow night at Soma dive bar House of Shields for only $5. Thanks Hari!


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