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To Everything… There Is A Season

September 15, 2009

I took these at about 9pm in the evening on the Brooklyn Bridge two weeks ago… seems like forever ago now.

Apologies for slightly falling off the tracks these days, seems like the changing of the seasons brings along all kinds of other changes as well. Now that ‘summer vacation’ is over it’s immediately on to some other exciting and chaotic goings-on, with hardly a chance to catch my breath:

1. My big brother is finally getting married this weekend! I’ll be in Southern California from Friday through Sunday, proudly taking part as a bridesmaid for the first time ever. The very reason for my trip to New York in the first place was a very extraordinary bachelorette party for his fiancee, Jen, and I can easily say I am so thankful for such an amazing chance to bond with my future sister in law. I just gotta figure out how to get legs that are tan and free of bug bites in, oh, 3 days.

2. I’m moving next month! I’m sure everyone is familiar with the craziness that comes along with that… I’m really excited and nervous, and can’t wait to post some photos- it’s an awesome old Victorian house in Oakland that I’ll be sharing (and gardening!) with a gaggle of super cool cats. I’ll start thinking about packing after the wedding though, thank you very much.

3. Makin’ Stuff! Along with Megs and a few other fabulously creative femmes, we’ve been quite productive lately. I’m this close to setting up an online shop, I just gotta find the time to properly set-up and photograph our goodies. If you like the style of this piece or these pieces then hopefully you’ll be pleased with some of the jewelry that will be available. I’m keeping mum on the t-shirt project though… that might have to wait til after the move.

Anyways, this list was probably more for me than for you- it’s just nice to see (what seems like) chaos listed so neatly (and thus nonthreateningly) on the page.

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