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HCFM: My First Earthquake, Juana Molina

August 21, 2009

We’re trying a new format today, with HCFM picks from both sides of the table… enjoy 🙂

Meghan’s Pick: My First Earthquake

We all know writing music is hard. That’s why we pay people like Jeff Tweedy and Will Sheff to do it.

But writing snappy tunes to play under catchy and witty lyrics is even harder. My First Earthquake totally nails it. The group is garnering serious local acclaim for this hilarious video and songs with titles like “Designer Boyfriend” and “Vow to Vowels” which is about a crossword promise.
Check out MFE at Thee Parkside tomorrow night. Show at 9, 21+, $7.

Maris’ Pick: Juana Molina

Although half-price tickets on goldstar are all sold out, I still have to give a definite recommendation for the hynotic Argentinian lovliness of Ms. Molina’s loops and layers. Playing Saturday night at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with SF locals Amy X Neuburg & The Cello ChiXtet, this one woman show subtly blends the synthetic with the organic for a head-bobbing sound which has been a perfectly mellowing soundtrack for many of my morning commutes. If you spend the time to listen to only one of her lengthy pieces, make sure it’s ‘Un Dia’ off her latest album of the same name.

Rather than a music video, check out this snippet from our own staff-restored Current TV instead. Shedding some light on Molina’s transition to music from comedy, it’s easy to see that she’s a bird who can sing all manner of notes:

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