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HCFM: Yacht

August 7, 2009

I’m of the opinion that musically, you cannot go wrong with hand claps.  J. Geils band, Natalie Portmans Shaved Head, this band even has handclaps in their name.  There is no surer way to get my attention quick and get me … clapping. 

Yacht’s Summer Song is no exception.  Every time I watch this video, I want to clap along.  Add the not-so-subtle dig at the sloppy overlap of music and big business and I’m in love.  I’m sure DFA, the label currently leading the way in electro-pop, dance punk and indie disco, signed Yacht because of their subversive wit and love of hand-made percussion.  Or maybe their tunes are just catchy. 
If you like wit, hands clapping or dance-worthy indie tunes, be sure to catch Yacht, Bobby Birdman and DJ Omar (of Popscene fame) at the Rickshaw Stop tonight. 
8:30 pm. $15. 21+

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