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Gettin’ the Wheels Turning

July 20, 2009

I got back into town somewhat late yesterday, and for whatever reason had the impulsive, unwavering desire to rearrange my furniture again in the never ending quest for the ideal workspace. 6 hour drives, hangovers, and chipped teeth be damned- I had a second wind!

The main reason for the late-night moving and shaking was because I recently acquired a cable to connect my laptop to my big HD TV monitor and I’ve been impatiently waiting to edit photos without squinting, and thus the need for combining computer and TV spaces.

But perhaps what really served as the catalyst for change though, oddly enough, was the interior of Pegasus Bicycles in Danville. Look at that workspace! I was definitely inspired to give my own desk and tools better care as well as prime real estate in the limited space of my studio. And my inner organizing freak has absolutely fallen in love with that pegboard, by the way….

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