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Another Reason Why the East Bay Rocks: Oakland Metro Operahouse

July 9, 2009

the Can-Cannibals will eat your face, for $8.

Just read over at East Bay Express about the completion of the Oakland venue’s year-long renovation. I’m stoked that we now have another awesome place to add to the likes of Fox Theater, Starry Plough, Stork Club, and the Uptown in the ever-needed arena of non-SF music venues. As an added bonus to us, the place is all-ages… my appreciation already goes out to them for being willing to risk a tango with the ABC.

For a great opportunity to get acquainted with this new kid on the block, check out the Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival event happening there on July 17th. $15 gets you the chance to check out Inkblots, Dezu, Con of Man, Los Valenberg, Sagaval, Qodice & Tierra y Fuego-quite the grand debut, to be sure.

The EB Express article, interestingly enough, points out that most of the acts booked for the Oakland Metro so far are metal bands. While this seems mostly true, I did see something that a broader audience might enjoy… the Can-Cannibals! I learned about this fun little dance troupe through one of its members who is a friend of mine- and it looks to be an awesome show. Who doesn’t love real boobs and fake blood? First Friday Follies might have some undead competition to watch out for…

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