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Happy Dad’s Day + Concert Recap

June 22, 2009

my father

As an ode to my pops, here’s a little list of things I’ll always think of when I think of him:

* getting really excited when he decided to “play school” with my brother and I
* listening to ZZ Top
* a constant uniform of an old, big, leather bomber jacket over his scrubs
* tuna salad, ramen, burnt toast, ritz crackers, butter, and always drinking all the orange juice
* napping and watching Saturday Morning Cartoons together
* watching the early seasons of The Real World together
* my friends getting slightly freaked by his “C’mere, you gonna hug me OR WHAT?!” antics
* telling stories, always- whether it was about his own childhood or awesome stuff like The Lobsterboy from Boston, The Ax Murderer of the Adirondacks, and The Thing From the Sewer

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and that all the dads out there got a little love. I had a nice lunch on a warm and breezy outdoor patio with mine, and I made him a copy of the recently made mix- which he might actually dig this time! We’ll see how he feels after a few more listens.

Perhaps he’ll the dig the Grizzly Bear track as much as I do- who, by the way, put on a mindblowingly good show together with the aforementioned Here We Go Magic. What a great pairing! Those harmonies… those layers…. and the Fillmore is always such a magical venue. Some cool pics are already up on flickr, check em out.

Highlights from the evening include HWGM’s beautifully altered version of ‘Only Pieces’ and closing the set with an epically noisy and climactic ‘Tunnelvision.’ Grizzly Bear sported a full line-up of white tees, which worked great with the uber impressive light show- I was really glad they chose to go with all red for ‘Two Weeks’ since I now will always associate that song with The Red Balloon (just so perfect!). The set list was nicely varied, mixing older and newer faves with each member’s talents equally showcased. A shout out to Dolores Park and throwing in ‘Deep Blue Sea’ from the Dark Was the Night compilation were really pleasant surprises, and during the encore the cover of ‘He Hit Me (and It Felt Like A Kiss)’ by the Crystals first induced a wave of chuckles which quickly turned into spine tingling chills. After seeing them live, I almost can’t bear to listen to a recording…. almost.

Overall, it was an epic ending to a pretty epic weekend- I have so many pictures to upload and edit! Until then, hang on to your butts- it’s Monday already. Am I really awake right now?

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