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Clues, Geographer, Birds & Batteries

June 4, 2009
TONIGHT at the Rickshaw Stop: $12, 8pm

I love kicking off each month with a bang. Like the “Holy crap last month is already over and I just got paid and watch me blow this wad all in one go” kinda bang. That being said, tonight we’ll be returning to the California Academy of Sciences for their weekly nightlife event and THEN, if I’m still standing, will hopefully be attending this must-see performance.

If dropping names like the Unicorns or Arcade Fire has any effect on you then you should recognize Clues as kind of a big deal. Hailing from the outstanding Montreal scene, Clues just released their debut album last month and are thus touring in its support. I can’t really provide an adequate description so instead will just direct you to their page where several songs are available for a listen. “You Have My Eyes Now” is a personal fave. Hopeful, urgent NOISE!

Just look at them- adorable, right?

Geographer is an AMAZING local act who I just want to hug to death so that no one else can have them. Okay not quite that extreme, but I do suggest becoming a fan while they’re still our homeboys. They will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, with music that’s pretty enough for the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. And those vocals! Good lord. An excellent selection of songs is available here from their thoroughly good album Innocent Ghosts.

I’m not too familiar with Birds & Batteries, another good local act, but have heard good things and think it would be very interesting to see how their fusion of synthy pop with folky rock would translate to a live performance. Overall, I think this will be an amazing way to spend a cold June evening in San Francisco.

So yeah, cheers to another good start!

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