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Monday Leftovers, or Too Bad It Was A Thursday

May 26, 2009

More coverage on the long weekend to come, but for now I’d like to start with its early beginnings…

Still Flyin’
photo via sam?

Check out the amazing dishes we had at Mission Street Food on Thursday night. The hour-plus wait was easily passed via drinks and readings by 826 Volunteers at Amnesia. When we returned to the inconspicuous restaurant, we brought in a couple of bottles and gladly shared a teacup with our awesome server. Probably the best meal I’ve had in a very long time… and after those soft-shell crab po’boy sliders, I’m definitely making a point to return to the Alembic in the future.

photo by sam?

Afterward, we headed over to the Rickshaw Stop to check out the first installment of the SF Popfest, featuring BAB-loved locals Still Flyin’ and Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. Got inside in time to see the equally enjoyable Pelle Carlberg, who amuses me with this song.

As the fest’s name implies, the theme of the night was happy and catchy indulgence. This show would have been amazing on a warm night in a grassy field or backyard patio somewhere. It was like all those kids from highschool or summercamp who actually enjoy icebreakers were having a dance party in my living room. And after enough drinks and finally being able to use a restroom, I had no problem partaking in the lighthearted fun.

Way better than high school or summercamp icebreakers.

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