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HCFM: Fischerspooner

May 15, 2009

UPDATE: This should be the post for next week- show isn’t until the 22nd. Dammit. Apologies all around. Just consider it a head start on getting tickets. Yeah….

Today’s choice is an easy one- Fischerspooner is a couple of dudes from New York- Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner- who make awesome electro/dance soundtracks to go along with equally awesome performances.

I remember back in 2003 when I heard Fischerspooner for the first time and finally got turned on to the world of electroclash. It was this song, Emerge, from their album “#1” that did it, actually. Ah, nostalgia…. my first live Fischerspooner experience- at the Fillmore- will never be forgotten. At the end of evening I was sprinkled with equal parts champagne, confetti, and fake blood. That, my friends, is a damn good show. Lucky for you, they’ll be performing again at the Fillmore, as part of their tour to promote their new album “Entertainment.” If the tickets are a little too steep ($30) then you can catch their DJ set at the fabulous after-party held at Mighty, for only $12. If you have a chance to go to either, do it. Seriously.

Although this is not the song’s official video it absolutely blew my mind when I first saw it, and it still does. They combine music, dance, art, photography, fashion, theater, and technology in a way that I had never seen before. What I would give to have been a part of its creation!

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