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Photo Recap: Platinum Party

May 7, 2009

A week or so ago I was lucky enough to attend the fabulous open house for the Margarido Residence in the Oakland Hills- the first LEED Platinum private home in Northern California. Free valet parking, catering, open bar, and freshly shucked oysters on the 3rd-floor green roof weren’t enough to upstage the real star of the evening- the building itself. Interior design was done by Medium Plenty– check out their site for tons of other inspiring shots and projects!

house entry with permeable paving and siding made from refurbished lunch trays!
large open kitchen/dining/living space, opening to patio with BBQ

from the patio looking in to dining area

the view from the master bath makes me jealous…

view from the 3rd floor terrace /green roof, with oysters and chocolate covered strawberries

from 3rd floor roof looking down onto 1st floor courtyard and terraced landscaping

new heels + balconies and stairs made of grates = quite a bumpy road test
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