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Viva Micheladas

May 6, 2009
photo via wine me up

So yesterday was the 5th of May, which commemorates a victorious battle of Mexico over France in 1862… a fight which we Americans had absolutely nothing to do with, but what the hey- we’ll pour one or five for the homies anyway. And just because the 5th has come and gone, doesn’t mean we should stop being neighborly.

Last night I did end up craving some beans and salsa etc etc, so hit up the tasty Cocina Poblana for the $5 small plates and cocktails- which included 5 kinds of flavored margaritas and the super legit Michelada, which stole the show. Similar to a Bloody Mary, but with beer instead of vodka- I know it sounds gross but it is actually quite light and refreshing! There are many variations to the recipe, but the one used at the restaurant used a Corona, cocktail sauce, and lime juice. For bigger parties and BBQs and whatnot, try this tasty sounding man-version via Esquire, which utilizes a keg of Heineken.

Here’s a standard, very doable recipe for a single serving:

1 bottle/can of beer: Corona, Negra Modela, Dos Equis, etc.

2 tablespoons salt

1 tablespoon of chili powder/spicy seasoning

2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice

1-2 dashes hot sauce <— cocktail sauce could substitute for the following 3 ingredients. I would probably just end up using Tapatio, though…

1 dash of soy sauce

1 dash of Worcestershire sauce


Black pepper

If you want spicy seasoning around the glass, which I personally am a fan of, then wet the rim with lime juice and dip onto a plate sprinkled with the combined salt and chili powder. Although I like it spicy, my friend almost choked. So… start mild, I guess. If you wanna go traditional, put ice in the glass- although this is optional if the beer is already cold. Add lime juice and cocktail sauce/hot sauce combo. Tilt glass, add beer. Add a lime wedge for a garnish, if you want to get fancy. Scarf on chips and salsa.

Perhaps one of the reasons the French tend to seem disgruntled toward us Americans is that we don’t think twice about embracing the culture and cuisine of the guys who kicked their ass- I speak for us Western Coastal peoples, at least. During my time in Paris, I came to the verge of crying into my kebabs after 4 months of searching for a nonexistent Mexican restaurant… and the French sure as hell weren’t serving up any delicious Micheladas alongside their Burgundies and Bordeaux. I’ll give you one guess for the type of food I ate immediately upon my return…

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