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Photo Recap: Audiowood at FiveTen Studio

March 20, 2009

I recently got to check out the amazing work at Oakland’s FiveTen Studio– which features furniture and other home objects which have been rendered as really interesting, sculptural pieces of art by local designers. We went to check out a new addition to their coveted collection: gorgeous Audiowood record players from Joel Scilley. Couldn’t afford anything, naturally… but my friend did score a sweet Tom Waits record as a consolation prize!

we were stoked to see that records were actually being played- and the records, superbly selected, were for sale… and the sound quality was awesome.

I learned my lesson a while ago: look but don’t touch.

The smaller the surface area which touches the ground, the better the sound quality. Guess that explains it.

Begging for a needle and a new home- mine, please?

Just to throw it in there- Garland Light by Tord Boontje. Gorgeous.

Definitely, definitely look at all the beautiful models available on Scilley’s site, here. And, be sure to check out the other ridiculously cool stuff FiveTen Studio has to offer, here. Want want want.

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