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Currently Obsessed With: Cioppino

March 17, 2009
photo via epicurious

Apologies for not posting yesterday- but with work and school and other things picking up speed, updates may be become less frequent around here. I have some photos that still need uploading, so in the meantime let me tell you about the stew kick I’ve been on lately.

Soups were always one of those things I thought took forever to make, which seemed silly considering most are good to go straight out of the can. But this weekend a couple of friends showed me the light- and cured my cold! I’ve been feasting on the delicious, fishy leftovers of Cioppino for two days and am now sorry to see it gone. I’m therefore giving myself an excuse to go buy an exorbitant amount of seafood and fluffy, crusty bread to soak it up with- it’s heaven!

So yeah, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and this isn’t going with the theme, but it IS very San Francisco. This tomato based stew was developed in the late 1800s by Italian fishermen who settled in North Beach and the name comes from the word meaning “to chop” -which is what they did with the day’s leftovers. A great idea: get as big a pot as you can and invite everyone over to ‘chip in’ some kind of seafood- which I hope to do someday soon…

Tim, the mastermind behind SquabFest, got the recipe from the amazing, and then switched it up a bit. Along with fish and mussels, there was some delicious Dungeness crab, crawfish, and clams. He also mentioned using equal amounts of red and white wine, and threw in a few potatoes for good measure. I never fully realized the delicious potential of throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a pot and letting it mingle- but it’s so easy and forgiving!

If the changing of the seasons is wreaking havoc on your immune system like it often does to mine, then this is a great recommendation. Warm and hearty, and lasts a while- perfect for being under the weather. Be warned though- lots of bibs and napkins are required, as well as a cracking device if you’re going to take advantage of crab season. So get some friends and loafs of Boudin together, and enjoy a real San Francisco treat. For the full recipe which inspired it all, click here.

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