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Don’t Forget to Get Some Fame

March 11, 2009

If you’re looking for a little Hump Day fun, don’t forget that tonight is the Red Carpet Launch of FAME at the new Bar on Church, in SF.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it- but I was lucky enough to attend the Industry/Friends pre-party last week and can say without a doubt that it’s a very fun time! Super dancey tunes, beautiful people, and deliciously strong drinks- I highly recommend the sweet and juicy Firecrotch, or super stiff Lohan Long Island.

The small, intimate space used to house the Transfer but has undergone a great makeover with metallic upholstered walls, plush booths, and a beautiful bar (with equally handsome, tattooed bartenders) in front of a glass mosaic wall.

Try to tear your eyes from celebrity trainwreck footage on the video screens, and instead distract yourself with the bouncing bottoms of de-robed go-go dancers. Or, have all eyes on you with their celebrity look-alike contest and candid paparazzi shots. You can RSVP for the VIP open bar, from 9-10pm, by emailing Party goes til 2am, no cover!

But- a word from the wise- be sure to pace yourself, buddy- that Airborne I recommended last time? Definitely was needed the next morning! Showing up to a nightclub looking like a trainwreck is one thing, but feeling like one the next morning at work is quite another 😛

So clear your calendars and build up that tolerance…. FAME will be happening every Wednesday at the BOC.

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