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Photo Recap: Amoeba Art Show

March 10, 2009
Last Friday I attended Amoeba Records’ 3rd Annual Art Show, which featured the artwork of past and present employees along with tons of food and drinks, and live music to boot. My friend’s boyfriend, also an Amoeba club member, explained that this year’s space was 10 times the size of last year’s- and from what I can tell it looks like next year they’ll need to go even bigger!

see and be seen: dapper duds like hats and scarves were found aplenty

Billy Sprague

in line for the restroom, adorable shoes

Jesse Hazelip

Heather Rogers, the bubbliest magician I’ve ever met

silk screening: on my list of things to learn

I was blown away at the sheer AMOUNT of talent that filled the huge warehouse, and ended up forgoing Art Murmur to stay until the end and see everything. Did I get my money’s worth out of a donation of two soup cans and $5? Hell yeah I did! Definitely put a 6 pack away by the end of the night, and sampled some really good Ethiopian food. The Velvet Underground-type bands were actually talented, and the diverse crowd seemed to be really into dressing up, all across the board. Plus, I was stoked to see quiet Emeryville get so much action- gotta rep my ‘hood!

Kudos to Amoeba and it’s supporters for putting on, as my friend dubbed it, one of the greatest parties ever- can’t wait til the next one!

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