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Happy Catchy Friday Music: St. Vincent

February 27, 2009

I had a really tough time deciding on today’s HCFM… there is just an overwhelming number of great acts happening tonight and all through the weekend.

Ideally, I would have liked to post a video from Maus Haus, Sugar&Gold, or Tempo No Tempo, but videos were few and far between. As previously mentioned, this is a great line-up for tonight’s happy hour at Bender’s, and if you’re interested in going then I recommend getting there EARLY, since last night had a humongous turnout!

Back to HCFM-
Annie Clark is beautiful and strange, as is the music produced by her band St. Vincent of which she sings and plays guitar for. I’ve been wanting to catch her live show for a while, and wish I wasn’t so exhausted so that I could check her out tonight at the Great American Music Hall. I love how she can walk so playfully on a tightrope of dreamy pop over such choatic, dark undecurrents. It’s happy and catchy, with this really subtle weirdness which I appreciate, as it makes for reason to listen over and over- each time a little more in depth. For example, ‘Now Now’ is so sweet and pretty until it totally deconstructs at the end with frenetic guitars and the chant of little kids saying “You don’t mean that, say you’re sorry. You don’t mean that, I’ll make you sorry.” I guess I just have a thing for the slightly macabre.

I also have to give props to the lady for being good with a turn of phrase- the title of this video “Jesus Saves, I Spend” just tickles me pink. I love clever girls. Check it out:

St. Vincent “Jesus Saves, I Spend” from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.

You can listen to her beautiful voice and watch her mad guitar skills TONIGHT at the Great American Music Hall for a mere $16. Show starts at 8pm, with opening acts Cryptacize, Rafter , and That Ghost. And if you like what you hear, be on the lookout for her sophomore album, Actor, coming out in May!

If you don’t go, then you’ll be sorry.
Have a rockin’ weekend!

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