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It Never Stops: Review, Deerhunter

February 26, 2009

I was holding off on posting this until my new internet friend jsymes, uploaded his photos for SFStation… he takes amazing shots and you should check out more of his photos from the show here.

Overall the night was pretty great- but let me get a few gripes out of the way so I can get on to the good stuff. First, the lines were huge and entry wasn’t guaranteed. The place was packed to the gills, and remained packed from 8ish until after midnight. The show didn’t start until 9:30, and this was an obvious ploy to compensate for a free show’s lost profits by forcing everyone to buy overpriced drinks and promotional merch out of boredom.

However, the show started slightly earlier than expected, which was nice. Lilofee opened, who I hadn’t been familiar with but found to be entertaining. I likened this girl-fronted group as a synth-metal edged Shiny Toy Guns. Apparently their recorded stuff sounds damn good, so I’m making a mental note to check them out.

All petty annoyances, dramas, and inconveniences melted away when the main act, Deerhunter, finally appeared in a glowing haze of blue smoke. At this point, I’d like to say that I love the Mezzanine and every show I’ve seen there has been mind blowing, with this one being no exception. The wall of sound these guys are able to produce completely envelopes you and penetrates to your very core- causing the whole crowd to involuntarily rock and sway to the waves of experimental sounds racking their brains. Feedback, layers upon layers of echoes, climbing and diving in surreal crescendos and then dissapating into fragile and delicate single notes like the strange and cathartic calm after a terrible storm. These guys know how to work a build-up, I’ll tell you that. I was seriously left with my jaw open after several of their numbers, especially the drawn-out perfection at the end of “Nothing Ever Happened.”

Equally impressive is the way these guys handled themselves. A casual, laid-back vibe mixed with adorably awkward stage banter belies their true intensity, depth, and mad skills. It really goes to show that real talent doesn’t need to be displayed, it is inherently perceived.


I had dreams
That frightened me awake
I happened to escape
But my escape

Would never come

– It Never Stops
(it’s true)


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