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Happy Friday the 13th :)

February 13, 2009
photo via guyandgirl

So yes, it’s one of those rare long weekends- and I’m going to savor it by getting the heck out of dodge tomorrow. For a great change of scenery, Santa Cruz is a relatively quick and easy drive and offers untouched woods, picturesque beaches, and a poppin’ downtown scene as a nice refuge from the sensory overload and fast pace dominating the rest of the Bay Area. It’s expected to rain all weekend there, and with my luck, it will. But I have two easy solutions to this: first, EPIC fort-building. yesss. Second, free wine tasting at the quaint and reputable Bonny Doon Vineyards. (Be forwarned- their site will make you dizzy!) They’re super nice and unpretentious there, and offer a great selection of flights and pairings. Now that I think about it, fort-building should probably come after the wine tasting…

I’d also like to point out their fabulous packaging- via the Print Gallery

In other news, there are two great events going on tonight which I’m hoping I have energy to go to:
Juana Molina at the Great American Music Hall $16
Food From the Heart @ SF Ferry Building

I definitely recommend going to either one of these. Like I’ve said before- great food, great music, great people- what else do you need to have a fabulous 3-day weekend?

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