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Recap: Janus et Cie

February 6, 2009
“It’s so LA, isn’t it?” -my teacher (she just scored points in my book)

After hours of being overwhelmed by the gargantuan amount of beautiful fabrics, furniture, wallcoverings, paint colors, window treatments, and all the information that comes with each, I was stoked when our teacher suggested we hit up the Janus et Cie cocktail party (which I had only faintly dreamed of attending)… The company focuses mainly on durable outdoor furniture and fabric, so their showroom definitely was inspired by modern Los Angeles poolside resorts. I mean, c’mon, LA probably has more pools than anywhere else in the world, right? Not to mention fabulous parties held in or around said pools. Anyhoo, I really liked this color display they had on one wall.

I give them major props for good catering. A DJ played decent lounge type stuff while really yummy hors D’oevres went around and drinks were served: champagne, wine, and some really delicious blood orange martinis whose recipe, I’m assuming, is similar to this. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one starting with a cocktail at 5pm- our elders ordered them too.

Walls of chairs tucked into aisles of tall greenery, with dapper design aficianados looking on.

pretty place settings good enough for any garden party I’d like to attend! The color theme overall seemed to be black and white, with pops of chartreuse and orange. Reminded me of CB2, but of course much nicer.

Overall it was pretty cool to see some cool stuff, get some free drinks, and get a pretty hefty gift bag. If the industry comes with more of these perks, I could get used to it….

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