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a Night Out In the Mission

February 2, 2009
via lukewho

Hope everyone had a fabulous Superbowl Sunday- what an exciting game, eh? For once the game was actually more interesting than the commercials… although I admittedly do want to know what’s going to happen to Jack.

Overall, I must say that a day to stay in and eat food and drink beer with friends is a mighty fine cure for a lingering hangover. The night before, some friends and I met up in the Mission at the 500 Club, after some brief ‘girling’ time at the aptly named Therapy, and then continued on from there to get some Vietnamese food and beer at the Sunflower– too bad they yelled unintelligibly at us when it was time to leave, as I was thoroughly enjoying my veggie hot & sour soup. After that we hit up the Les… uh, I mean the Lex, where the tiny disco balls scattered below the ceiling added a feminine twist to the usual dive vibe, followed by its neighbor, the Beauty Bar– which ironically had the ugliest crowd. Here’s a breakdown of costs:

500 Club: $4 for a Trumer Pils
The Sunflower: approx $10 for meal/beer
The Lexington: $9.50 for a gin n’ tonic, and 2 beers
Beauty Bar: $15 for a gin n’ tonic, and 2 beers

A gorgeous night out on the town: priceless

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