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Another Reason Why the Bay Area Rocks: CH+D Awards

January 28, 2009

Just read over at AT:SF that the annual California Home + Design Awards feature mostly Bay Area winners- go us! It get s me excited to be starting my career in an area with such good taste and innovative people. The categories included spaces that were both smaller and larger than 3,000 square feet (which is quite a lot). Also included were categories like product design and landscape design. Check out the links for more info on the firms- here’s some highlights that I especially liked:

(Winner of < 3,000 SF). I'm liking the glass and concrete stairs and exposed brick wall of this 'updated Victorian' – at there are some other rad shots of a swing in the living room, and a neo-gothic stained glass window in the bathroom. Neato.

Awesome built-ins and white glossy brick in the modern-retro Woodside Residence (>3,000SF)

Also- the MkSolaire, winner for Eco-Friendly Architecture, from Oakland’s very own Michelle Kaufmann– the ‘Martha Stewart’ of Green Building:

Be sure to check out the Stone House in Sea Ranch as well as the weirdly modern Tehama Grasshopper in San Francisco- I would love a weekend retreat in the former, but I wouldn’t mind if I had to settle for the latter!

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