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Happy Catchy Friday Music: Department of Eagles

January 9, 2009

Having learned my lesson a few times over, I decided that I mustn’t wait a second too long to buy tickets when I discovered that Department of Eagles would extend their first-ever tour and thus add lovely San Francisco to their short list of stops. If you’re familiar with the undulating, surreal harmonies and layers of Grizzly Bear, then I highly recommend seeing this ‘small’ side project of vocalist Daniel Rossen. Playing two shows on January 25th (each $15), the tiny and intimate Cafe du Nord is sure to be a fitting space for Rossen and his only counterpart, Fred Nicolaus. The following video is getting me so excited to see them live:

La Blogotheque’s “Take Away Show” of No One Does It Like You (also, incidentally, the band’s first ever live performance)….

For more amazing Take Away Shows (which there are tons) click here.

Also- Department of Eagles Vs. Britney Spears via The Hood Internet. Random, hysterical, awesome.

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