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Fox Theater Shows Announced!

January 7, 2009

The Fox Theater in Oakland is kicking off 2009 with a bang, and its first concert line-ups have just been announced as promised! And if its debut is a sign of the tone the venue’s trying to achieve, then I am pretty much stoked: local radio station Live105 will be hosting the opening weekend with a performance from longtime punk rock staples, Social Distortion.

However, it seems as though that $75 million renovation will be made up for via our tiny little pockets, with ticket prices starting at a pretty steep $30.00.

Upcoming acts are sure to draw a diverse crowd- everything from the Ragga Muffins Festival ’09 to Spearhead to BB King to the Black Keys. I’d personally recommend seeing Cake perform with local sexy rockers The Lovemakers, if you can foot the bill. Also intriguing: Video Games Live. Orchestras performing the famous ditties of the most popular video games- I kid you not. Suspiciously, no prices are listed yet.

For more information regarding dates, times, and ticket prices, check out the handy dandy calendar complete with samples of the artists’ music.

ps- stay tuned for the continuation of the Restaurant Round-Up, hopefully to be posted later today!

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