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Happy Catchy Friday Music: Okkervil River

December 13, 2008

Guess what? I’m going on vacation! December 18th-22nd I’ll be venturing up north to Seattle and Portland for the first time ever… I know- better late than never, right? Cross your fingers for snow instead of rain and wish me luck with preventing hypothermia.

BUT, if I weren’t going out of town then I would have scrambled for a spot at Cafe du Nord on Friday, December 19th to catch a little sold-out solo show by Will Sheff, frontman for indie-darlings Okkervil River. Since he’s going solo, who knows what he’ll play? I do hope he plays some stuff from the band’s latest album, The Stand Ins, cuz it’s so frickin good. Have a listen to the album’s first track, “Lost Coastlines”:

Quite a happy catchy change from their usual catalog of beautifully weepy tragedy folk. But whether happy or sad, I’m always a fan. Tickets were $15 in advance, and perhaps they’ll have a limited amount available at the door? If not, there’s always craigslist. Bummer it’s sold out, but at least we all have another rad guest post by miss Megs to look forward to!

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