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Bar: Kitty’s

October 28, 2008

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Friday night I had the pleasure of returning to a cool little spot which, surprisingly, I’ve not had the chance to write about yet. Kitty’s is essentially the only bar in Emeryville, and luckily it happens to be a pretty fine establishment. What can I say? Sometimes I just want something a little fancier than the typical Berkeley and Oakland bars, and yet I don’t want to trek across the bridge for an excuse to look a little nicer.

Surrounded by a dead quiet neighborhood of industrial warehouses, Kitty’s is tucked into a small inconspicuous brick building and is easily missed by passersby. A large wooden fence separates its entry and patio from the street, and offers a nice amount of privacy that is refreshing from the usual ‘standing on the street corner to smoke’ shtick. Indeed, for its small size, the place does a fine job at making you feel comfortable. An ample bar, individual booths, and outdoor heating lamps turned our happy hour into several happy hours. Kitty’s is best known for its Mojitos, but I can also highly recommend other fancy cocktails, like the aptly named ‘Pimp Cup’ or $2.50 draft PBR if you’re on a budget- something for everyone!

While the mixed reviews are well warranted (I’ve had a couple hit-or-miss experiences myself) I think I can give a few pointers to help make sure Kitty’s claws don’t come out. First, I recommend getting there early, regardless of which day you’re going. I prefer to go after work, when the vibe is a little more laid back and you can grab a table. Also, if you get there before 8pm, you can use your card. Who knows why, I suppose because they know they can get away with it, but after 8 the bar is cash only. It might also help to check out who’s DJ’ing that night, since it can differ from night to night and many of the complaints seem to center on whack-ass tunes. Friday night was 80’s hits and some hip hop stuff when we went, but no garauntee whether that’s routine or not.

So overall, I can easily say that if you want a little of the SF vibe without the bridge toll, you should show a little love to the up-and-coming nabe that is Emeryville.

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