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Another Reason Why San Francisco Rocks: MILK

October 28, 2008

Tonight at 7 pm, the world premier of ‘Milk’ -Gus Van Sant’s story of the triumphs and tragic death of Harvey Milk- will be happening at none other than the historic Castro Theater. If you’re not familiar with the story of Harvey Milk, you need to educate yourself. Every true Bay Area local should know the sacrifices made in order for this city to become one of the most progressive and liberal places on earth- especially with the upcoming election and controversial Proposition 8… (my vote is a definite no).

I’ll quit with the preachiness now and just say that I am terribly excited to see this movie. I was reading a while back about the filming on location, and the recreation of the Castro into its former 1970s self. So on top of the amazing story and great cast, I look forward to seeing the fashion, cars, and even the typography of an era which I couldn’t even imagine being a part of.

The movie will be released everywhere the first week of December.

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