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Happy Catchy Friday Music: The Shins

October 17, 2008

So the song itself may not be ‘happy’ or ‘catchy’ per se, but the video makes me endlessly happy and has secured a tender spot forever and always in my heart for ‘Pink Bullets’ by the Shins:

So I normally try to post songs from artists who may be playing a local show soon, but this just seemed right instead. With the changing of the seasons and a recent remission into nolstalgia, I felt obliged, especially after discovering the story of its creation, to share this little piece and its heartwarming story to anyone who may not have already seen it.

As taken from a news article from, in 2005 Shins frontman James Mercer received an email from a guy in the Israeli army, 22-year old Adam Bizanski, asking if he could make a video for the song. Mercer said sure and forgot about it. 3 months later, Mercer got a stop-motion clip which has now become the official video due it’s popularity.

Bizanski made the video by himself, in his apartment, using paper. He’d spent three years in the Israeli army, guarding the border and listening to the Shins’ first album, Oh, Inverted World. “The same week I was getting discharged from the army,” says Bizanski, ” I received an e-mail from James saying that he liked the clip I sent and would like me to create a video for the Shins.”

Why a cow? “When I first heard the song, portraying such a delicate love story, painting such a rural image, I immediately knew the main character must have four legs. I really had no choice.”

This kind of stuff amazes me- the possibility of music, art, and all that is beautiful to transcend borders, cultural differences, etc etc etc… I’ll spare the cheese and just say that I can’t imagine what it must be like to be guarding the Israeli border while listening to this song. Blows my mind.
Read the full article here.

In other news, I have so much music on my mind! I’ve been lacking in the restaurant reviews and other goings on, but there are just so many good local shows, not enough time!

On Wednesday I had the great pleasure of seeing Jolie Holland at Bimbo’s- a sweet mix of Regina Spektor and Maria Taylor with some bayou-worthy strings and twang. A big thanks to Meghan for introducing me. I believe more music recommendations are in order.

Other upcoming shows which have made their way onto my calendar:

10/18- Jukebox the Ghost at Bottom of the Hill
10/29- Jenny Lewis at Herbst Theater <– if you have not heard her new shit yet, do it.
11/2 & 11/3- She & Him at Bimbo’s
11/6- the Dodos at Bimbo’s
11/11- Port O’Brien at Great American Music Hall
11/14- Marnie Stern at Bimbo’s
11/20- Love is All at Bottom of the Hill
11/21- Of Montreal at Regency Ballroom
11/24- Deerhunter at Great American Music Hall
11/28- M83 at the Fillmore
12/12- CSS at Bimbo’s
12/15- Amanda Palmer at Bimbo’s

I’m sure this list will be added to, but for now this is already overload!! What would the world be without music, honestly?

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