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Treasure Island Fest: Recap

September 24, 2008

Shuttle service, dancing aliens, a ferris wheel, treasure hunts, photo booths, free poetry, solar power, perfect weather. What else could make the weekend more complete? Oh yah, great fucking music of course!

Highlights from Day 1:

Best Performance from a Genre I Don’t Listen to: Aesop Rock
Sure, I have a few of their tracks from random mixes and whatnot, but it’s generally not my thang. Loved the high energy and back-and-forth action, right on cue.

Best Band I’ve Only Heard About but Never Listened To: Foals
Ok, fine, I’ll illegally download your album. Happy?
Oh, and sorry for calling you THE Foals…. now please don’t stab me in the jaw.

Best Combination of Streamers and Falsettos: Goldfrapp
I wish I had been on something stronger.

Wish I had Gotten Closer For: TV On the Radio
They sounded great and it got me dancing, couldn’t tell you how the show was though. Damn tall people.

Glad We Stayed For: Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS)
Everyone wanted to leave but I made them stay- I don’t think they regretted seeing a crazy little Brazilian lady running around in a giant dress made of… trash? leis? feathers? bubbles?… and face paint while cutely expressing that all SF needs is more bitches and gays. Loves it!!

Best Non-Musical Act: interpretive dancing by midgets in alien costumes
God I wish I had a photo of this….

Unimpressed By: Hot Chip

Highlights from Day 2:

Best Local Act to Support: tie between Port O’Brien and The Dodos
POB reps Oakland, Dodos rep San Fran. I suggest a duel. Winner takes me home.

Best Musical Makeover: Okkervil River
Similar to the Walkmen, what is recorded as somewhat weepy and mellow is suddenly churned out at the top of the lungs with pounding drums. Yes! Makes me never want to listen to the recorded version again. Bonus points for jumping, twirling, and practiced hand gestures.

Most Mind-Blowing Vocals: Fleet Foxes
oh. my. god. This video doesn’t do it justice, but watch anyways:

Fleet Foxes from 7×7 Magazine on Vimeo.

Wittiest Stage Banter: Tegan & Sara
I’m not so keen on their music, but damn are these girls funny! Even though I might kick a baby if I hear ‘Walking With a Ghost’ one more time, I definitely gave them a second chance based purely on their sassy, stinging, sisterly quarreling. I wouldn’t mind kickin it with those bitches.

Glad We Stayed For: the Kills
If I had to describe their set in one word: Sexy. I happen to know the recipe for Sexy, too: dark 1970’s rock and roll hair + Karen O vocals + ZZ Top guitar riffs. Throw in a Brit with a scarf for good measure.

Wish We Had Gotten Closer For: the Raconteurs
From what I could tell, it was quite a show.

Best Non-Musical Act: Brendan, the Poem Store Guy
Adorable jimmy-rigged table, adorable typewriter, adorable facial hair. ‘Your topic, your price.’
And did I mention that he writes really good stuff too?

Unimpressed By: Spiritualized
Although I did like his white-clad Soul Sistas. I’m sure they didn’t choose to don all white though, everyone knows it makes you look the size of a steamboat….

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