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July 30, 2008

The basic blank notebook that Matt got for me at the Pitchfork Music Festival from L2 Design Collective – small, unique, flexible, and cheap! Since each one is cut from test prints, no two are alike and are all part of that nifty green ‘re-use’ school of thought.

I have been looking for a small pocket calendar for a couple of weeks now, to no avail (Does no one but me want to see more than a week at a time?!)

This has since filled that missing void in my life and purse. How? With the help of a long-ago discovery, customizable calendars that can be tweaked to print at whatever size you want. Cut em out, glue em in, scribble away. Whereas fancy-schmancy organizers are often so nice that I don’t want to even touch them, the complete DIY nature of this little creation makes me want to practically graffiti all over it and then keep it forever as a piece of young 20s-something nostalgia.

Lesson learned: if you can’t find what works for you, jimmy-rig it.

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