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Legion of Honor

July 21, 2008

One thing I like about continuing my education is that my classes always force me to do things that I wouldn’t do otherwise, but then am always glad that I did.

Case in point- for my drawing class we had a field trip to the Legion of Honor this past weekend, to actually sit and draw inside the museum as well as outside for some landscape renderings. First, I’ve never been to the Legion of Honor, and was amazed that I hadn’t heard much about the extensive collection there. Second, I’d never thought I’d be one of those people drawing/painting inside a museum.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome to sit there and look too cool with my ipod and collection of pens, while everyone walking by sneakily tried to look over my shoulder to see what I was doing… Not that I would do it again, but I’m glad I can cross it off my proverbial list, y’know?

We were able to draw whichever piece we wanted, so I drew my fave: The Kiss, by Rodin (pictured above) – pretty hot, right? Along with the great collection of Rodin sculptures, they have rooms full of French antiquities, a room of Impressionist paintings, and periodic performances on an old crazy sounding organ. With the craptastic weather that often graces San Francisco in the summer, a day inside a museum isn’t half bad…

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